Your satisfaction


    As a trading company, our work starts in the vineyard, selecting the best family-owned wines from around the world and bringing them to China in optimal conditions. Our focus on good stock management allows us to offer you on-time delivery dates from our warehouse and also from the winery directly in case the wine you need is out of stock.

    Our sales team aims to give you a support service providing the most suitable collection of wines to enhance and complement the food you serve. Their goal is not just selling wine but sharing their knowledge and expertise to your client’s taste and budget.

    Our trained delivery team takes care of your bottles from the warehouse to your door, respecting your delivery hours and conditions. We understand time is of the essence and our delivery team is trained to always be on time.

    And that’s not all. As we understand that your objective is the satisfaction of the end consumer - your client - we also offer a range of other support services like: wine training for your staff, wine accessories, promotional items and wine events to improve your relationship with your guests. In addition, we can give you constructive advice and support with establishing, maintaining and sustaining a good relationship with the Media and with Public Relations efforts, both which are vital ingredients in your success. Finally, to ensure the quality of your wines for a long time, we offer advice in wine cellar building.

    All our services are focused on achieving the one objective: your satisfaction!

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