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    To offer wine in quality style means to cool it, to open it, to serve it, to keep it cold while drinking and to preserve it, which means wine needs more than a bottle.

    TORRES CHINA offers a wide range of accessories to help the wine experience be perfect: Glassware, Wine fridges,Tent cards, Wine lists, Gift boxes, Corkscrews, Drop stops, Wine coolers and Cans, Wine barrels and more.

    All our accessories are from top brands to ensure their quality and durability. Like Spiegelau, our glassware partner or Vintec, who supplies us with premium wine fridges.





    Spiegelau combines over 5 centuries of hand craftsmanship and innovative modern glass making technologies to produce superb glasses for today's wine lovers. Producing "High performance" wine glass with a remarkable marriage of elegance, functionality and durability
    Spiegelau's remarkable durability can be attributed in large part to the Platinum Glass process. As the glass goes from powder to liquid stage the liquid glass is passed through platinum lined tubes to eliminate any impurities, remove all imperfections and inconsistencies that might otherwise exist.
    Quality Test Certificate LGA
    1500 times dishwasher safe. No scratching, markings, loss of brilliance, foggy shadows, change in color or brilliance or build up of water chemicals and residue. "The impact strengths of the two glasses differed significantly with the Amberg* stemware displaying greater impact strength."


    Coming in a classic, timeless design on a high stem, the new wine glass series Salute accompanies wine enjoyment with style. High brilliance, dishwasher safety and durability make these glasses eligible for versatile use. Whether used in restaurants or at home, the Salute glasses add an elegant accent to any kind of table setting.


    Soiree is a functional and durable glass series, taking account of the special demands the restaurant and catering business has. Spiegelau's innovative platinum technology in the production process makes Soiree glasses very scratch and breakage resistant. The tested dishwasher safety of 1500 cycles is one more example for this exceptional durability.


    Pulltex is the leading wine accessories brand for professionals and wine lovers for over 20 years in Europe.

    Pulltex appears in the market with a smaller range of wine accessories and with the idea of making the wine service better and easier. At present, it offers a complete range of accessories especially designed for each step that is used when serving the wine. The brand stands for innovation, design, originality, functionality and above all, quality of its products.


    Vintec is the global wine storage specialists who have over a decade of experience in wine preservation. Vintec has always been a global leader at the fore-front of wine storage technology, implementing many innovations through the years to create the perfect wine cellar. There is a Vintec wine cellar to suit every need. No longer do you need a stuffy and old underground cellar to store your wines. With the stylish and modern Vintec Wine Cellar, you can wow your guests by proudly displaying your precious wines in your dining or living room.

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