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"There is another class of foreign owned wine import company which is like trees from abroad planting themselves in a new land. That is to say, when they entered the Chinese market; they firmly rooted themselves into the land, trying to understand and respect the Chinese culture and people. Such a foundation will see these types of companies grow faster and become towering trees one day if there is a good environment and enough nutrition. TORRES CHINA is a representative of such a company."
Susie Wu
Wine Critic at Wu ShuXian Wine Office

Chinese first independent wine critics, wine writer
"Here are just four things that help give Torres China's managing director Alberto Fernandez an edge. First, Torres boasts wines from some 15 countries, including the recent addition of Pisano from Uruguay. The brands are not run-of-the-mill. The Australian portfolio, for example, includes Henschke and De Bortoli, among 15 brands. Second, Torres has a niche in that it represents arguably the two best Chinese brands, Grace Vineyard and Sliver Heights, and has the latter on the wine lists of five major hotel chains. Third, Torres has pushed into retail in the past few years by revamping its online ordering system and opening a series of shops and spaces in retail outlets, which should total 23 by year 2011's end, all under its Everwines brand. Finally, Torres retains staff like few others, with many employees on board longer than the average distributor has even existed."
Jim Boyce
Independent Wine Critic, wine writer

12/27/2016 Notice on Discontinuation of Distribution of Grace Vineyard wines

3/14/2014 Bodegas Torres takes 1st position in the "World's Most Admired Wine Brand" ranking by Drinks International

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12/31/2012 Wine Enthusiast - Wine Star Lifetime Achievement

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3/14/2012 Baron Philippe de Rothschild Announce the Reopening of Mouton Cadet Wine Bar